10 Years


When Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans and the Gulf Coast ten years ago at about this time, we knew within a few hours, as faulty levees failed, that our world would never be the same. We asked ourselves whether the incomprehensible tragedy playing out before our eyes would deal a fatal blow to this somewhat fragile, authentic, quirky place. The answer that emerged over the days that followed was a resounding NO......Instead; Katrina would become a catalyst for reinvention and rebirth.

So, as we look back at what happened here ten years ago, we want to give thanks to all of you who endured the uncertain days immediately following the flood or came back and stood with us as we slowly rebuilt our tourism industry, our homes and our city. Thank you as well to everyone who made New Orleans your new home over the last decade and invested in our city.

In the next nine days leading up to the 10thanniversary of Katrina, we will be sending you a short video showcasing some of the improved aspects of New Orleans. It's hard to imagine how far we've come in just ten years. As the video vignettes will attest, we prefer to dwell on our present condition and our future vs. looking back. We are grateful for your hard work and commitment, without which we would not be where we are today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Very best,

James Stephen Perry
President & CEO
New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau